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Following table lists DAs on the basis of the percentage of files approved by a specific Authority (DA), with respect to, files approved in entire state of Uttar Pradesh. The table below, thus shows the contribution of a DA’s Application Approval Rate to the State’s overall Application Approval Rate.
The OBPAS Team applauds the sincere attempt of various DAs, their respective personnel, Architects, and Licensed Engineers for their efforts to use the new OBPAS System to facilitate Applicants and conform to EODB norms in the State of Uttar Pradesh.Data presented in the table below, is based on weekly update on Saturday(Mid-night).
Sr. No. Authority Name File submitted by Architect-Pre-Approval No. of Proposal Files % of Scrutiny Passed wrt. to State % of Proposals Passed wrt. to State
Scrutiny Passed-Received in Authority Authority Approved –Post Approval
STATEWIDE TOTAL520964433832005100100
1Lucknow Development Authority71045890410813.2812.84
2Uttar Pradesh Awas and Evam Vikas Parishad49664618329110.4210.28
3Ghaziabad Development Authority3960376531038.499.7
4Meerut Development Authority3962366927828.288.69
5Agra Development Authority3578320225877.228.08
6Mathura-Vrindavan Development Authority2568235719055.325.95
7Kanpur Development Authority3674305218066.885.64
8Gorakhpur Development Authority3312222415015.024.69
9Muzaffarnagar Development Authority1654142210553.213.3
10Moradabad Development Authority160314579583.292.99
11Jhansi Development Authority116010879382.452.93
12Ayodhya Development Authority130010978962.472.8
13Saharanpur Development Authority125211018502.482.66
14Prayagraj Development Authority178612788172.882.55
15Aligarh Development Authority141611937972.692.49
16Bareilly Development Authority145312647622.852.38
17Orai Development Authority7096805971.531.87
18Hapur-Pilkhua Development Authority8227415461.671.71
19Varanasi Development Authority188611195282.521.65
20Firozabad-Shikohabad Development Authority7906525201.471.62
21Bulandsahar-Khurja Development Authority7256785151.531.61
22Basti Development Authority6985764051.31.27
23Raebareli Development Authority3643031970.680.62
24Khurja Development Authority1831701170.380.37
25Azamgarh Development Authority5372701080.610.34
26Banda Development Authority2141671060.380.33
27Baghpat Baraot-Khekra Development Authority1851311000.30.31
28Unnao Shuklaganj Development Authority12499700.220.22
29Rampur Development Authority11176400.170.12
Sequencing of DAs done on the basis of:
% of Files approved by DA wrt. % of Files approved in entire State
% of Files which have Passed Scrutiny by DA wrt. Total Files approved in entire State
Files submitted to Demo Server is not counted.
Formula used is:
% of Scrutiny Passed=(Scrutiny Passed Files in DA)/(Total Scrutiny Files Passed in UP)*100
% of Authority Approved=(Files approved by a DA)/(Total Files Approved by all DAs in UP)*100
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